The World is a multi-cultural society and it is our differences and our similarities that combine us. The English language helps to bring people together throughout the world. Language learning opens up opportunities for friendship, personal development, and career prospects. The Phoenix Theatre aims to support this process. Join us on this journey of discovery and unlock your future.

Kristi-new-Kristi-Anne Seth
Producer & Artistic Director 
studied Communication Studies in Sheffield, England before moving to The Netherlands in 1993 to study “International Theatre & Education” in Utrecht, at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (an interdisciplinary study course Kristi-Anne graduated in Acting and Directing). Gaining BA Honours degrees in both disciplines, she has worked in theatre and education on a regular basis ever since.

Whether writing, directing, acting or facilitating workshops, as a native English speaker, Kristi-Anne brings that quintessential element of Britishness to all of her work.

This was never more apparent than in her work with the now defunct company The Flying Fish Theatre. As one of the founding members of The Flying Fish Theatre (TFFT) back in 2001 she initially hit the road with her one woman shows expressing that typical British humour and voice quality of a native English speaker that many have come to value and respect.

Kristi-Anne has written an immense amount of musicals and straight plays for TFFT that have been enjoyed by audiences throughout schools and theatres in Europe and it is from her 14 years of success with The Fish that The Phoenix Theatre rises from the ashes.

Furthermore, as the native English speaker from TFFT, and coming from a family of teachers, both in Britain and Germany (notably mostly English teachers 🙂 ), Kristi-Anne is very aware of the importance of the connection between The Phoenix Theatre’s work and the school curriculum.

Not only that she  knows how important it is for pupils to have contact with native speakers during their language learning process and it is for this reason that all Phoenixes plays are written and performed by native English speakers, as this is the only way to come into contact with the authentic language.

Indeed her previous work with children/youth and theatre; both as a drama teacher at an international school in Rotterdam, directing and giving workshops to children in England, The Netherlands and Germany; her work as an actor and director at White Horse Theatre and her 14 years of founding and developing The Flying Fish Theatre ; Kristi-Anne has decided to continue her quest and dedication to bring native English theatre to young people in Germany and surrounding countries. In fact, Kristi-Anne Seth has over 24 years of experience of making English theatre for young people in German schools.

Moreover, her strong background in acting in international productions; working with directors and actors from Germany, America, Costa Rica, Canada, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, The Netherlands and England has set her in good stead in regards to networking to establish artistic and business collaborations.

As a theatre professional she hopes to enable audiences to understand each other a little better, whilst having fun with drama, increasing their imagination, their skills and improving the level of their English.

It is this wealth of knowledge and experience that Kristi-Anne brings to The Phoenix Theatre.

“While the journey in learning another language takes time and work, watching a performance or taking part in a workshop from The Phoenix Theatre provides the inspiration you need to continue. We aim to inspire, motivate and give strength to reach your goals.”

Our team is double vaccinated against Covid-19


Hannah Hornsby
Actor, Singer, Dancer, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Bodelwyddan, North Wales and studied Acting & Physical Theatre, at East 15 School, Southend on Sea. Hannah is an extremely highly skilled singer and physical actor. Combined with her ability to portray characters with such honesty and authenticity, audiences are simply blown away by her talent. To see her on stage is a joy. Together with her classmate, Lewis, our team this season is a power pack. Keen to perform for as many audiences as possible, Hannah is raring and ready to go. You are in for a treat ladies and gentlemen. Hold on to your hats!


Lewis Noble
Actor, Singer, Dancer, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Sutton, South London (UK) and studied Acting & Physical Theatre, at East 15 School, Southend on Sea. Like his contemporaries from E15, Hannah and Harrison, Lewis is a very gifted physical actor. A true multi talent, Lewis can turn his hand to dance, circus, acrobatics, stage combat and various sports with such ease and control. He never ceases to amaze audiences with his impressive stage presence and is a definite asset to the Phoenix family.


Ashleigh Domblides
Actor, Director, Singer/Songwriter, Dancer, Musician, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Portsmouth (UK) and studied Musical Theatre at PPA (Performance Preparation Academy), Guildford. Ashleigh is a true all rounder and works to very high standards. An intuitive, independent, expressive actress and singer she is quick to learn as well as being a friendly, supportive team member.  Her vibrant spoken and singing voice amazes and beguiles her audience. From pantomime, musicals, children’s shows to Shakespeare; Ashleigh is one to watch. She is a real asset to The Phoenix Team.


Harrison Cornell
Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Ashford (UK) and studied Physical Theatre at East 15 School, Southend on Sea. With an enormous talent for acting and music, Harrison is a pleasure to watch on stage. His unique singing voice will give you goose bumps and his believability as an actor will draw you completely in to the action. Skilled in physical theatre Harrison has a bright future ahead of him.  Like other talented Phoenix actors we are happy to accompany him on this part of his journey and in turn to introduce him to you.


BenBen Ryan-Steele
Actor, Singer, Musician, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Dover (UK) and studied Drama at the Canterbury Christ Church University. An engaging and exciting young actor, Ben is a vibrant cog in the wheel that is The Phoenix Theatre. He is a dedicated, friendly, energetic and keen ensemble player, who has impeccable story telling skills. A man of immense musical and vocal talent be prepared to be blown away by Ben’s stage abilities.  With experience in TIE, Musicals and Shakespeare he is a great asset to the Phoenix.


Stephanie Bullock
Actor, Singer, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Wordsley (UK) and studied Drama at the Canterbury Christ Church University. A young, friendly and passionate actress Stephanie combines youthful innocence, comedic playfulness and beguiling theatrical depth to her roles. We are proud to have Stephanie join us at the beginning of her professional career and   look forward to some exciting performances to come.


Lydia-photoLydia May
Actor, Singer, Musician, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Harlow (UK) and studied Professional Musical Theatre at Millennium Performing Arts, London. A talented actress, singer and musician Lydia brings an immense passion and dedication to her work. Her strong stage presence combined with her impeccable stage skills and brilliant singing voice never fail to woo audiences both young and old. It is a pleasure to welcome Lydia to The Phoenix family and in turn to introduce her to our audiences. Watch and be amazed.


Rhys Whiteside
Actor, Singer, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Crawley (UK) and studied Professional Musical Theatre at CPA Studios, Romford, Essex.
Rhys is a hardworking, mature and multi-talented actor; whose confidence and self-awareness allows him to slip from one character to the next with ease and believability. His mellow, entrancing singing voice, combined with his musical and dance skills are a joy to behold. Whether in musicals, panto or straight plays Rhys is a great team player and an immense asset to The Phoenix. A professional actor who will go far in the industry.


Rhianna Compton
Actor, Singer, Director, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Basildon (UK) and studied Acting at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she graduated with honours in 2015.
Rhianna’s friendly and beguiling personality enables her to fascinate audiences both young and old.  Combined with her smooth, strong singing voice and her ability to transform easily from one character to the next she transports us into the fantasy world of theatre with ease. A true professional Rhianna has a bright future ahead of her and we are happy to accompany her on this part of her journey and in turn to introduce her to you.


Jack Elliot Thomson
Actor, Singer, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Chatham (UK) and studied Acting at East 15 Acting School, Loughton, UK.
A vibrant and engaging actor it is a pleasure to watch Jack on stage. Whether he is performing  panto, Shakespeare or a musical, Jack brings a believability and charm to his characters that never fails to beguile audiences. With a smooth Tenor voice he has enriched The Phoenix Theatre’s musicals and shown himself to be a reliable ensemble member.


Guy Watson
Director, Producer
was born in Cornwall, UK and graduated from Drama Centre London with BA (Hons) Theatre and Film Directing in 2015. Guy has worked closely with Kristi-Anne Seth on several musicals and plays during his time at The Flying Fish Theatre and this creative relationship is continuing with The Phoenix Theatre.
A creative, dedicated and enthusiastic artist Guy has a real gift for directing. A great team player he brings an abundance of talents to The Phoenix Theatre including his immense artistry and dedication to theatre, the actor and audience.
Guy also runs his own theatre company the “Dream Team Theatre” with great success in the UK.


Kelly Griffiths
Actor, Director, Writer, Workshop Facilitator
was born in Merthyr Tydfil (Wales) and studied Acting at the Birmingham School of Acting, where she graduated with honours in 2010. Kelly worked for The Flying Fish Theatre in the season 2010-11 and has remained a close friend and work colleague of Kristi-Anne Seth since this time.
A vibrant, passionate and multi-faceted actress Kelly has spread her wings into the fields of directing, writing and producing. Most notably with her critically acclaimed comedy “Small Village”.
She is a bright, positive, enthusiastic theatre professional who always brings humour and dedication to her work. A team member to be relied on.


Amy Bullock
Actor, Assistant Director, Workshop Facilitator

was born in Guisborough, UK, and studied Theatre at Aberystywth University where she graduated in 2008 with BA honors in Drama. Amy has worked together with Kristi-Anne Seth regularly since her season with The Flying Fish Theatre in 2012 and brings her broad pallet of talents to The Phoenix Theatre for more theatrical fun and games.
Amy has been involved in various TIE productions with several companies in the UK, as well as other theatre, film and corporate work. With her rich background in theatre and her honest, warm and friendly demeanor Amy makes the perfect partner for all The Phoenix Theatre’s projects.


SandraSandra Wamhoff
Musician, Teacher, Musical Advisor, Photographer, Workshop Facilitator

was born in Melle, Niedersachsen and studied Music at the The Institute of Music, Osnabrück where she graduated with a  BA (Hons) degree in 2014. Currently, Sandra is studying a teaching degree at the University, Osnabrück concentrating on Music and German.
Specializing in the flute, and additionally the piano, Sandra is a gifted and sensitive musician and teacher. She has a calmness and direction in her approach, which allows herself and others to reach their full potential.
With an excellent ear (and eye) for detail Sandra brings a uniqueness and quality to her work. Combined with her knowledge of speech, voice and presentation training, Sandra is a highly valid member of The Phoenix Theatre team.
Sandra is also an active member of the Waldbühne Kloster Oesede, Georgsmarienhütte and children’s orchestra “Ragazzi Musici”; Osnabrück.



Dream Team LogoDream Team Theatre
The Dream Team is a Cornwall based theatre company producing exciting storytelling theatre locally and in London. With a strong family focus their recent work has blended performance with puppetry and live music.



Arnoldo Ramos Vargas
Actor, Director, Lecturer

Arnoldo is a Lecturer at the National University of San José, Costa Rica; as well as a renowned actor, writer and director. He has written several plays and books about theatre and as a close friend and colleague of Kristi-Anne, Arnoldo offers consultation and artistic guidance to The Phoenix.


UNi Costa RicaNational University of Costa Rica  (UNA)
Otherwise known as Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica




Foto Marielos Fonseca PachecoMarielos Fonseca Pacheco
Executive Director at the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar,  (Popular Theatre Melico Salazar San José, Costa Rica)



Teatro Popular

Teatro Popular Melico Salazar,  (Popular Theatre Melico Salazar San José, Costa Rica)




Ministery of Culture,Costs Rica
Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud (Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica)



Compaina Nacional de Teatero
Compañía nacional de Teatro (National Theatre Company, San José, Costa Rica)



Talle nacional TheaterTaller Nacional de teatro (National Theatre Workshop, San José, Costa Rica)




Plus various collaborations with other professionals across the fields of the Arts.