Shows & Dates

Season/School Year 2017 -18

Classes 10-13 including EF-Q2 (Age 15-20+) GUEST PLAYS:
“As you like it -abridged” by William Shakespeare and Kelly Griffiths ©
“As you like it  – abridged” is a play where the meeting of Shakespeare’s characters happens live in your school/college. Immerse yourself in a full Shakespearian experience with a modern twist this year as you follow the farcical love stories, tragedies and downright obscenities of one of his most famous plays. This one hour romp through the text will entertain, educate and unravel the rich text of Shakespeare through song, audience interaction and even a live wrestling match! Although, however multi-talented our two wonderful actors are, they will definitely be requiring help from your students by creating soundscapes, becoming scenery and, most importantly, speaking some of the most famous words in history. So join us in our lively Shakespearian extravaganza and become part of this truly amazing production.









Classes 7-10 (Age 13-16)
“New Beginnings” by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
New Beginnings is a play dealing with aspects of life in the USA in days gone by and in modern times. From immigration, to the American Dream, music, Hollywood and much, much more. From the early settlers to people today. Who will we meet in this whirlwind tour of America? Open your eyes and ears for a challenging, humorous and entertaining look at one of the most powerful countries in the world. A slice of the American pie. 🙂











Elementary Level
Classes 5 – 7 (Age 10-13):
Minnie & Friends”- a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
“Minnie and Friends” is an entertaining and educational musical revolving around the issues of identity, self-esteem, self-image and social presentation, where the audience gets involved in a casting show. Minnie and her friend, Finn, discover what it means to pretend to be someone other than themselves. Who do we see and who do we want to see? After acting like Hermione Granger, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber or Britney Spears they arrive at the conclusion that “you are who you are”!  With the spectators being pulled into the action on stage, our heroes go on a voyage of self-discovery using magic and sheer talent. The play is a highly visual rollercoaster ride full of humour and music. Written and performed in clear English suitable for beginners and young English learners, this musical is a feast for your eyes and ears.

(Excerpt from the play)
Minnie: Hi are you new here?
Finn doesn’t hear her
Yoooo hooo. I’m over here. I said are you new here?
Finn: Oh sorry I didn’t think you were talking to me. I’m new here.
Minnie: Yes I thought so. So what’s your name?
Finn: Finn.
Minnie: Bin?
Finn: Ha, ha no; Finn and what is your name?
Minnie: Oh my name is Minnie and I am a very famous witch. You have probably heard of me.

Primary School & Elementary level
Classes 3/4 – 5/6 (Age 8-12):
The Secret Box”- a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
“The Secret Box” is a contemporary and entertaining drama about truth, lies and consequences. A charming granny with a magical secret to share with us. A nasty rival who tyrannizes her school mates. An extraordinary school party with a surprising twist. A fabulous family event enticing laughter and thoughts. The play looks at our responsibility towards other people as well as the importance of being honest and respecting borders. We watch a growing web of lies that seems to turn into an uncontrollable chaos and personal disaster. We accompany the 11 year-old Sammy in his everyday life. We meet his family, friends, and teachers. Sammy experiences the struggle of making wrong decisions and the happiness of friendship and trust. Written and staged in simple English suitable for our youngest learners, the performance challenges language learning and development in entertaining ways, provokes views, and offers possibilities for further classroom discussion. Don’t miss it






(Excerpt from the play)
Granny: This box is a magic box, Sammy. This box can tell truth or lies. To tell the truth you can ask the box and it will give you the answer.
Sammy: What about lies Granny?
Granny: Oh no Sammy. Lies are bad. You will not be happy if you tell lies; just look what happened to Pinocchio.