Shows and Dates

Season/School Year 2021-22  

Advanced  Classes 10-13 including EF-Q2 (Age 15-20+) GUEST PLAYS: “Richard III ” by William Shakespeare and Kelly Griffiths ©  A tale of a man “Unfit for any place but hell”…It can only be Richard III! Let us transport you back to England in the 1400’s where a jealous, deformed and bitter man desperately clutches at the opportunity to become King and threatens to kill anyone who stands in his path. King Edward IV, Richard’s Brother, is sick and the only promise of power Richard is given is to become Lord Protector of the realm, ensuring the safety of the rightful heir to the throne, Edward V. This is simply not good enough for our Ricky, so he sets out to gain the confidence of defenceless citizens, the shady Duke of Buckingham and a very gullible Lady Ann in order to murder his way to the crown. And you are going to help. Following five seasons of successfully touring Shakespearean adaptions, Kelly Griffiths has written and directed another highly entertaining, witty and educational play to engage your students in the Bard’s work. Her use of mixing modern and Shakespearean language helps motivate the student’s understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare, whilst still being faithful to the spirit of the original text. Performed by our highly skilled team of British actors, who facilitate the audience in getting involved in the show with choric speaking, creating soundscapes and even playing some of the Shakespearean characters; a truly magical theatre experience is guaranteed. The highly interactive formula ensures that everyone speaks at least one line of the play and is actively engaged in the performance. So, once again, we invite you to join us in our new Shakespearean extravaganza and become part of this truly unique production. Photos from Season 2020-21 Ashleigh Domblides and Harrison Cornell


Intermediate Classes 7-11 (Age 13-17): New Beginnings” by Kristi-Anne Seth© is a play dealing with aspects of life in the USA in days gone by and in modern times. From immigration, to the American Dream, music and much, much more. From the early settlers to people today. Who will we meet in this whirlwind tour of America? Open your eyes and ears for a challenging, humorous and entertaining look at one of the most powerful countries in the world. A slice of the American pie. Photos from Season 2017-18 Steph Bullock and Ben Steele


Elementary Level Classes 5 – 7 (Age 10-13): “Saddle Up” is an entertaining cowboy musical by Kristi-Anne Seth© set in the Wild West of yesteryear. In this thrilling spaghetti western the Goodies and the Baddies fight it out at the Gunshot Saloon. Sheriff Pertwee is on the trail of Wild Bill Jones and Jethro Pumpernickel; two of the most hunted Outlaws in Smithson County. Gold and diamonds are the name of the game and the wicked outlaws are set on stealing everything! Gunfights, musical hall, cowboys and Indians all join forces in this western farce of side-splitting fun. With some audience participation this performance provides ideal grounds to motivate English language learning. Using highly visual theatre techniques, the musical is written in Basic English, perfect for beginners, and highly appealing to a wide range of audiences. A perfect way to encourage your students. Photos from Season 2016-17 Lydia Ventre and Rhys Whiteside


Primary School & Elementary level Classes 3/4 – 5 (Age 8-10): “The Secret Box” a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth©, is a contemporary and entertaining drama about truth, lies and consequences. A charming granny with a magical secret to share with us. A nasty rival who tyrannizes her school mates. An extraordinary school party with a surprising twist. A fabulous family event enticing laughter and thoughts. The play looks at our responsibility towards other people as well as the importance of being honest and respecting borders. We watch a growing web of lies that seems to turn into an uncontrollable chaos and personal disaster. We accompany the 11 year-old Sammy in his everyday life. We meet his family, friends, and teachers. Sammy experiences the struggle of making wrong decisions and the happiness of friendship and trust. Written and staged in simple English suitable for our youngest learners, the performance challenges language learning and development in entertaining ways, provokes views, and offers possibilities for further classroom discussion. Don’t miss it! Photos from Season 2017-18 Steph Bullock and Ben Steele