The Phoenix Theatre - The Art of Language Learning

was founded in 2015 by the English actress, author, producer and director Kristi-Anne Seth.

After 14 years of working and leading The Flying Fish Theatre, (and over 28 years of experience in making English theatre for German schools), artistic differences encouraged Kristi-Anne to take her vibrant writing skills and typical English humour to found The Phoenix Theatre.

Out of the ashes rises a new and energetic theatre.

When setting out to learn English one of the most important factors to successfully do this, is to listen and watch native speakers. The Phoenix Theatre brings you exactly this with a quality and a price you can afford.

We combine creative quality, professional artistic and business practices, educational stimuli and linguistic excellence to bring a cultural, inspirational and educational experience.

The theatre is run by native English speakers to bring you the highest quality English Theatre experience.

Importantly, all our plays are written by native English Speakers. Why settle for anything less?

We motivate. We challenge. We deliver.

While the journey in learning another language takes time and work, watching a performance or taking
part in a workshop from
The Phoenix Theatre provides the inspiration you need to continue.
We aim to inspire, motivate and give strength to reach your goals.

Kristi-Anne Seth

What we do

  • Our educationally orientated English touring theatre company, is aimed at all school forms and class levels. Whether beginners, intermediate, advanced or adult learners we have something for everyone
  • We offer professional performances, workshops & educational material to encourage language acquisition
  • We tailor our English speaking theatre performances and workshops to the language level and interests of our target audience(s)
  • We provide original, professionally written theatre plays, as well as well-known classics, to support and enhance the education programme
  • All our plays are written by native English Speakers
  • Our workshops are specially designed for our clients interest(s)
  • Much of the theatre work relates directly to the German school curriculum and can be used didactically /pedagogically by teachers and educators in a practical form; whether directly in the classroom or in preparation of lesson material
  • We work with experienced professional native English speaking actors (native like proficiency) and workshop facilitators
  • We bring the theatre to your door (a minimum booking ensures a quality performance/workshop for your school) and perform in a variety of venues from schools, Assembly rooms, Community Halls, Sports Halls, Local theatres, etc
  • We offer scripts for each individual show*
  • We approach our audiences directly by bringing performances from the theatre stage into your school and offer the possibility of  a personal exchange in the form of a discussion after the performance
  • We motivate language learners in their English language acquisition in a hands-on and learner oriented manner
  • Our emphasis is on the English language and the importance of coming in to contact with English speakers in order to make learning a pleasurable experience
  • Our performances and workshops are vibrant and dynamic where the English language is a living, everyday communication tool

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The Phoenix Theatre  -  The Art of Language Learning