Hi Kristi, the two performances yesterday were marvellous!!! I am not sure if I told the two young people how impressed we all were! Those switches from comic (The Banana Gang) to complete and deep depression in Furious Games were really amazing. Our students felt the same and were deeply touched!! Please tell the two of them when you have contact!!! Thanks again for our perfect cooperation and have a marvellous weekend!!

Teacher of English, Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe Schule, Limburg

Dear Kristi-Anne, Thank you for your nice email :-). We teachers and the kids loved your shows, and we will certainly book you again!! Also, your overall service was really good, quick, reliable and also the fact that you sent the scripts was very helpful. You can be sure that we will spread the word! I will let you know as soon as the article and the picture go up on our homepage. Please tell Steph and Ben that I loved meeting them – have a wonderful 2019 yourselves. All the best.

Teacher of English, Siegtal Gymnasium, Eitorf

Hi Kristi-Anne, Our students and teachers have immensely enjoyed the performance (The Banana Gang) at our school today. The actors and the play were awesome and our kids had so much fun speaking English. Thanks again for that! We will definitely recommend your company and invite you to perform at our school again in the future.

Regards, Frau Suppers Teacher of English at the Realschule Althengstett

Liebe Fau Seth, gerne teile ich Ihnen mit, dass die Vorstellungen an unserer Schule wie immer ein Erlebnis waren, das uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht hat. Ich selbst leite zur Zeit eine 5. Klasse und ich kann sagen, dass ihr Feedback durchweg positiv war, was erstaunlich ist, da sie ja noch über geringe Englischkenntnisse verfügt. Aber Ihre Schauspieler spielen so lebendig und mitreißend, dass es ein großer Spaß war. Besonders der Mitmachteil hat die Schüler sehr motiviert. Bitte geben Sie das Kompliment nochmals an Ihre Darsteller weiter. Ich hoffe, daß wir Sie nächstes Jahr wieder bei uns haben werden.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Frau Trosien, Richard von Weizäcker Realschule, Germersheim

Dear Ms Seth, we’ve had a great time with “Minnie and her Friends“. The performance was fabulous and the actors were gorgeous. Our students enjoyed every single second of the performance. Thanks a lot! We hope to see them again next school year – for two shows.

Kind regards. Frau Brkic; Max-Planck-Schule, Rüsselsheim

Dear Kristi-Anne, I would like to wish you a happy New Year and all the best for 2018. The performances on 20.12. were magnificent. All the pupils enjoyed them, particularly the interaction of the actors with the pupils. It was marvellous and you will definitely be hearing from us again this year. Thank you very much. It was also great talking to you. It’s so lovely to hear an English/British voice. Have a great, successful year. Will keep in touch.

All the best. Frau Janz, Städt. Realschule Wesel-Mitte

“Das Phoenix Theatre ist nun das zweite Jahr an unserer Schule zu Gast, um unseren Schülerinnen und Schülern die englische Sprache über die Theaterbühne näher zu bringen. Die Stücke sind inhaltlich und sprachlich altersgerecht, sodass die Zuschauer Gelerntes anwenden und Freude am fremdsprachigen Schauspiel haben. Es bietet eine tolle Ergänzung zum Englischunterricht – lebhafte, gesprochene Muttersprache mitten in der deutschen Schule. Nicht zuletzt stellt das Theater auch eine Kunstform dar, die angesichts der allgegenwärtigen elektronischen Medien an Bedeutung im Alltag verloren hat. In jeder Hinsicht ist dieses Erlebnis auch eine wichtige Bildungsmöglichkeit.”

From the website the Detlefsengymnasium Glückstadt http://www.detlefsengymnasium.de/Ueberuns/News/Phoenix/

Detlefsengymnasium Glückstadt

“Dear Kristi, just wanted to let you know that our pupils really enjoyed the plays! If you go to our website (www.gymnasium-meine.de) you will find the article. I’m enclosing some pictures, which you can use if you like. As you can tell by looking at them, we had that ugly “gym-atmosphere” there, but your team was great and the kids had a wonderful time! Thanks again and have a good Christmas time filled with lots of love and laughter. 🙂

Frau Christmann, Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium, Meine

“Dear Mrs Seth, watching the play “As you like it-abridged” in Dresden was so much fun! The actors made such a great job in playing and moreover in including the audience (and even many of my students). Every single student of my class had such a good time in either participating or watching the play. Today I made a feedback with my class and they concluded that they learnt a lot by being “a member of the actors” ;-). All of us would highly recommend joining your plays. The way of language learning is really a great one.It would be a pleasure if we can visit the BSZ for another Shakespearan play again. So, thank you so much. Please keep us in mind and inform us on your programme for the next school year. We definitely will tell other people with full conviction. 🙂 Thank you for that experience and to both actors!

Frau Jung, Christliches Gymnasium „Rudolf Stempel“, Riesa

Hello, we had a wonderful time today. I am always surprised how easy you make it for us to have you here! Your teams are so easy-going and fun to be around! It was nice that we could get everyone from grade 1-10 involved. We consider you to be an important part of our school-years now- so PLEASE let us know when you get close to us next school-year!

Frau Anderle (GMS Mönchweiler)

“The feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive!The actors were brilliant and really impressed the students. Thank you very much!”

Herr Brückner, Teacher of English and Catholic Religion at the Willy-Brandt-Gymnasium, Oer-Erkenschwick

“It is vitally important that pupils come into contact with native English speakers during their language acquisition process. The Phoenix Theatre provides this, plus all the plays are written and directed by native English speakers, the actors are professionally trained and the company is led by Kristi-Anne Seth, a true Brit as well. All in all highly recommended. A friendly, fair, polite and talented bunch of young people. Thank you.”

Frau Paßmann, Teacher of English, Education and History at the Luise-von-Duesberg Gymnasium, Kempen

“The students, my colleagues and I enjoyed your theatre with Lydia and Rhys very much. The students were quite surprised and enthusiastic about your shows. Thank you for the excellent organisation of the day! Me and my colleagues, students as well, are going to recommend you for other schools in the area! Best wishes.”

Frau Meier, Teacher of English at the Gymnasium St. Kaspar, Bad Driburg-Neuenheerse

“Dear Kristi-Anne, Lydia and Rhys did a really great job- the children were fascinated and could not stop talking about them😊 Thank you very much again!! Your plays are really great for the students, they are included and could even dance with your actors😉 One can see that you’ve put a lot of work into writing your plays. It was very easy to organise everything with you- thank you for that as well. I will definitely recommend your group to my colleagues at other schools. The colleagues at my school were very pleased as well! We are thinking about inviting you every year so it becomes a fixed event at our school.”

Frau Schweinsberg, Teacher of English and Biology, at the Gesamtschule Emschertal, Duisburg

“Thank you for two great plays which we could enjoy at our school today. Our students (especially) the younger ones had a great time.”

Frau Lechtenbörger, Teacher of English and Mathematics at the Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule,Emsdetten

“Dear Ms Seth, We really enjoyed the two days with your very talented, funny, brilliant, professional, super actors Lydia and Rhys. You can be very proud of them. Doing eight shows in 2 days, all of them full of energy and enthusiasm was very impressive. Both students and teachers were full of praise for them and enjoyed the shows.Thanks to the Phoenix Theatre we can already say that (after only two years) we started a new tradition: English Theatre Days at the Bach-Gymnasium. We are happy to recommend your theatre to others, and our headmistress will be happy to write a letter of reference. Do you prefer a digital version or a „real“ letter? Hopefully we’ll cooperate again next season! All the best for you and your group. ” (Season 2016-17)

Herr Heiß, Teacher of English at the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasium Mannheim

“Dear Kristi-Anne, what a pleasure and joy that was !! The kids and my colleagues as well enjoyed the shows and the marvellous and nice actors 🙂 Great job, well done !! Thank you all very much for your reliability, your high professionality and your friendliness. Looking forward to next time !! best regards.” (Season 2015-16)

Frau Stadler-Hamann, Teacher of English at the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasium Mannheim

“Dear Mrs Seth, We had a great time yesterday. The local press wrote two articles that I wanted to share with you. Thanks again ( and please let us know when the next season starts so we can welcome you again!).”

Frau Anderle (GMS Mönchweiler)