Shows & Dates

Season/School Year 2016 -17

Advanced Classes 10-13 including EF-Q2 (Age 15-20+) GUEST PLAYS:
"Shakespeare's Bottom" or "Getting to the Bottom of Shakespeare" by  Kelly Griffiths ©
This highly successful play returns this season out of popular demand. Students and teachers have been entertained and wowed by this modern, lively production; which opens up Shakespeare to a new level of understanding and appreciation. So put down your books and enter the world of  "Shakespeare's Bottom" or "Getting to the Bottom of Shakespeare". Written by our guest writer Kelly Griffiths, it is a play where the meeting of Shakespeare’s characters happens live in your school/college. We meet Bottom and Flute from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" who take us on a whirlwind tour of some of Shakespeare's plays.
What happens when the idiots of Shakespeare try to make sense of his work? From Romeo & Juliet to Macbeth we follow and assist Flute and Bottom as they attempt to find inspiration from 'The Complete works of Shakespeare' for their up-and-coming production of 'Pyramus and Thisbe'. They will face classic challenges such as gender swapping, multi-rolling and, of course, making sense of the rich yet mind-boggling text. As you can imagine, Flute and Bottom will require as much help as they can get and so will facilitate getting the audience involved to create atmosphere, scenery and will even dish out some lines for the students to perform. So join us in our one hour romp through some of Shakespeare's most famous texts and enjoy learning about this English legend! A truly exciting and revealing look into the works of The Bard. Photos Sandra Wamhoff ©

Classes 7-10 (Age 13-16):
“Songs my Mother Taught Me” - by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
“Songs My Mother Taught Me” is hard hitting and touching play dealing with the extremely up to date topic of the refugee situation. The characters meet and soon realise that although they are from different cultures, speak different languages and have wildly different experiences; that at the end of the day they are human beings, sharing some of the same hopes and dreams. A thought provoking theatre play that challenges our conception and attitudes towards otherness. Written in modern English the audience follows the stories of several characters in a small town somewhere, anywhere, in any country. The play is a reflection of reality, the stories presented are fictional; but based on true stories of those who have experienced them. The actors provide an authentic and sensitive portrayal of teenagers from diverse cultures and whilst we do not claim to show the whole truth; we do hope to open the eyes of audience to the basic representation of the human condition. Photos Sandra Wamhoff ©



Elementary Level
Classes 5 - 7 (Age 10-13):
“Saddle Up" - a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
“Saddle Up” is an entertaining cowboy musical set in the Wild West of yesteryear. In this thrilling spaghetti western the Goodies and the Baddies fight it out at the Gunshot Saloon. Sheriff Pertwee is on the trail of Wild Bill Jones and Jethro Pumpernickel; two of the most hunted Outlaws in Smithson County. Gold and diamonds are the name of the game and the wicked outlaws are set on stealing everything! Gunfights, musical hall, cowboys and Indians all join forces in this western farce of side-splitting fun. With some audience participation this performance provides ideal grounds to motivate English language learning. Using highly visual theatre techniques, the musical is written in Basic English, perfect for beginners, and highly appealing to a wide range of audiences. A perfect way to encourage your students! Photos Sandra Wamhoff ©




Primary School & Elementary level
Classes 3/4 – 5/6 (Age 8-12):
„The Giant’s Treasure“- a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
Returning for a second season Jack is on tour once more to entertain audiences young and old. The play has been reworked to add additional action to this thrilling story. Based on the classic story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “The Giant’s Treasure” is a lively and simple musical to enchant and bewitch young audiences.
Jack and his mother are very poor. All they own is a cow called Blossom. One day the mother asks Jack to take Blossom to market to get some money. Sadly Jack agrees. On the way to market he meets an old woman who is going to the market to buy a cow. What luck! The old lady tells Jack that she will buy the cow and give him something that will answer his heart’s desire. She gives Jack some magic beans.
Jack is not convinced that taking the beans is a good idea; but before he has a chance to say no the old lady has disappeared. He throws the beans away and a tall beanstalk grows right up into the sky.
Feeling brave; Jack climbs to the top of the beanstalk and there he meets a Princess and a Giant. The Giant has three treasures. A goose that lays golden eggs, a harp that sings by itself and a bag of gold that is never empty. Unfortunately the Giant comes home early, “Fi Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English man”. Can Jack escape from The Giant? Will the Princess help him?
Jack climbs down the beanstalk, but will the Giant follow him? Luckily the Giant sleeps and all is well. Jack and his mother are now very rich and live happily ever after
„The Giant’s Treasure“ is a brilliant way to motivate the children at an early stage of their English learning; to encourage an active use of the language and to help boost their confidence. Photos Sandra Wamhoff ©