Workshops San José , Costa Rica

In (2015) The Phoenix Theatre had the pleasure to be invited to give two workshops in Costa Rica. One as part of the Encuentro Nacional de Teatro 2015, organised (amongst others) by the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar,  (Popular Theatre Melico Salazar San José, Costa Rica), and the other for the National University San José , Costa Rica.

The workshops aimed to show an exchange between Kristi-Anne Seth, The Phoenix Theatre and theatre professionals attending the National Theatre Meeting 2015 and theatre art students of the National University, Costa Rica.

The focus was on the transition of professional skills and approaches to theatre making in reference to a musical performance.

“The methodology behind the approach to developing a play/musical from “Script to Stage” was based on my 14 years of experience as the artistic director of an English Touring Theatre Company in Germany; as well as my background in education at the High School of the Arts, Utrecht where I took an interdisciplinary approach to my work.

As a TIE theatre group (Theatre in Education), The Flying Fish Theatre (my former theatre company now called The Phoenix Theatre), performed for thousands of young people throughout Germany and occasionally neighbouring countries.

As the founding member of TFFT I specialized my writing skills to creating plays/musicals for children and it is this approach I brought to the workshops in Costa Rica.”

Below you will find  a link to the video of the National Theatre Meeting 2015, as well as photographs and videos of the Students of the School of Arts, from the National University San José, Costa Rica.


National Theatre Meeting 2015/Encuentro Nacional de Teatro 2015

National University San José, Costa Rica/Universidad Nacional San José, Costa Rica


Students of the School of Arts/Estudiantes de la Escuela de Arte éscenico


Kristi-Anne Seth, the teacher of theatre workshop/
Kristi-Anne Seth, la maestra del Taller de teatro


The Wizard of Oz: The Musical/El Mago de Oz: El Musical


Snippets from the presentations from the students. Performed for the local kindergarten 🙂

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