New Season 2022-23                                               Native English Speaking Professional Actors

                      Our team is double vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19


LIVE THEATRE SHOWS                                  

The new Season/School year will soon be upon us and we have some exciting shows on offer including The Dog's Bone, The Banana Gang, Furious Games and Hamlet. All shows will be raring and ready to be performed live for audiences far and wide. For details check our 'Seasons' section.                * In addition we will make all the shows available online.

Our children's education is paramount and that is why we are the right educational theatre for you. The  quality and authenticity of our theatre speaks for itself. The Phoenix Team are all native English speaking professionals and it is this emphasis that gives our work it's distinct aura of Britishness and its high standards. The show must go on and so must the education of our children and The Phoenix Theatre is an important part of that process.

Listen to our in house writer, Kelly Griffiths, plugging Hamlet below. (coming soon)


We have recorded many of our shows for you to be able to watch us online, whether at home or in school. In this way we are still able to continue our valuable work to motivate, entertain and educate our audiences. Contact our office today for more information.  02151 – 64 32 092 or

Digital Repertoire
Classes 3/4 – 5 (Age 8-10)
The Dog's Bone - a simple musical detective story
The Giant's Treasure -  a lively and simple musical based on 'Jack and The Beanstalk
The Secret Box - a funny and entertaining musical about truth and lies

Classes 5 – 7 (Age 10-13)
McVamp - a musical about a vampire who doesn't like blood
Captain Jack - an adventurous pirate musical
Saddle Up - an entertaining cowboy musical
The Banana Gang - a gangster musical with a twist.

Classes 7-11  (Age 13-17)
Echoes - The Loss Of Lilly - a play about cyber-bullying and its consequences
Songs My Mother Taught Me - a play about friendship, otherness and the refugee situation
New Beginnings - a fun play about the USA from immigration, to the American Dream
Furious Games - The story deals with mental health issues and teenage angst.

Classes 10-13 including EF-Q2 (Age 15-20+)
Richard III


P.S Our GoFundMe page is still open and we appreciate every donation that is made, big or small, as every cent counts. Help us to build a bright future. Click the following link to support us

As a professional, educational, native English speaking theatre company our work is extremely important in supporting teachers to encourage our children's language learning. As an addition to normal lessons, our theatre performances and workshops, motivate pupils in a way that only live performances can and most importantly because of the contact pupils have with our professionally trained native English speaking actors. However, the Corona virus has affected us all in many ways and we have lots to do to get back to 'normal'. One point is clear though, with your financial support will get through this together. From the donations so far we were able to record many of our shows so that our audiences can see us online from the safety of home or school. We have  along way to go to get back on our feet so please consider helping us.


We make a difference because we care