Shows and Dates

Season/School Year 2023-24 

Advanced  Classes 10-13 including EF-Q2 (Age 15-20+) GUEST PLAYS:            Choice of two plays this season!

(1) "Macbeth - abridged" by William Shakespeare and Kelly Griffiths© Something wicked this way comes...and it’s our adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Macbeth! Let us transport you and your supernatural senses to Dunsinane, Scotland where we meet Macbeth-Thane of Glamis and his buddy Banquo after they’ve won the battle against the Norwegians. But not all is as it seems on the battlefield; as they are soon met by three witches who fore-tell their fate. Macbeth will be king, but Banquo's sons will proceed him. How is Macbeth to be king when King Duncan is still alive? Why are Banquo's sons going to become king after him? Will he be betrayed by Banquo? Something must be done and that’s nothing his conniving wife can’t help him with. Duncan must die. And you are going to help. Following eight seasons of successfully touring Shakespearean adaptations, Kelly Griffiths’ highly entertaining, witty and educational play will engage your students in the Bard’s work. From our past experience, and feedback from students and teachers alike, our use of a mixture of modern and Shakespearean language will definitely help motivate students' understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare. Performed by our highly skilled team of British actors, who facilitate the audience into getting involved in the show with choric speaking, creating soundscapes and even playing some of the Shakespearean characters; a truly magical theatre experience is guaranteed. Our highly interactive formula ensures that everyone speaks at least one line of the play and is actively engaged in the performance. So once again we invite you to join us in our Shakespearean extravaganza and become part of this truly amazing production.
Photos from Season 2023-24 Sophie Haas and Anthony Ford


NEW: (2) “Pride & Prejudice – abridged” by Jane Austen and Kelly Griffiths© “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife“. Whether you agree with this statement made in 1813 or not, it raises some very interesting questions! Come with us on a 1 hour “turn about the grounds” as we help our vivacious heroine, Elizabeth Bennett, navigate love, society and manners despite her prejudices, opposite the dashing and wealthy, albeit, rather rude and proud Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy. The audience is immersed in this period drama, as we explore societal expectations surrounding gender and identity; which in turn will raise sparkling conversation and questions amongst your students. Using a mixture of modern language and Austen’s own words, our world is transformed to that of Regency Britain. The audience even has the opportunity to play a few of the characters themselves if they wish! Following the 8 season success of our In-house playwright and director’s Shakespeare adaptations, we are delighted to offer another important piece of British classical literature to your school. So grab your top hat and gossip fans and book us today!
Photo by Elaine Howlin on Unsplash


Intermediate Classes 7-11 (Age 13-17):  “Echoes –  The Loss of Lilly” by Kristi-Anne Seth” © Returning to our repertoire is a school’s favourite, “Echoes – The Loss of Lilly”. “Echoes” is a moving play about cyber-bullying and its consequences. A thought provoking theatre play providing some insights and solutions into this ever increasing problem. Written in modern English the audience follows the stories of two characters, Lilly and Ryan. In parallel worlds that eventually cross, both teenagers are subject to cyberbullying and the damaging effect it can have. What starts out as harmless texting and surfing soon becomes a nightmare. Who are their friends? Where should they go to get help? What can they do to stop the bullying? Did they do anything to deserve this? Through the ups and downs of a roller-coaster ride of emotions; from laughter to tears, to joy, anger and fear, the path Lilly and Ryan walk is a lonely one. The actors provide an authentic and sensitive portrayal of teenagers in distress, which is sure to touch all who witness the play and who use technology today.
Photos from Season 2023-24 Sophie Haas and Anthony Ford


Elementary Level Classes 5 – 7 (Age 10-13):  "McVamp" a vampirical by Kristi-Anne Seth © "McVamp" is a musical about a young vampire who doesn’t like blood or living in darkness. Cedric McVamp lives with his very traditional family in a castle in Scotland and is expected to work in the family business, ‘McVamps Blood Bank’. But Cedric’s dream is to own an ice cream shop and to live and work in daylight. With his best friend, and cousin, Rosemary, by his side, Cedric fights for his dream. Will Cedric succeed? How will the family react to his coming out? Will his Mother, Fenella, and his Uncle Igor support him in finding his own way in the world? Will Cedric be accepted for who he is and not for who they wish him to be? Using our traditional formula of song, music, text, dance, movement, laughter and audience participation this rollercoaster ride of hilarity is guaranteed to motivate and inspire pupils in their language learning process. Written and performed specifically for the target audience the play will challenge and inspire, whilst simultaneously boosting the learner’s confidence in their own skills.
Photos from Season 2019-20 Ashleigh Domblides and Harrison Cornell


Primary School & Elementary level Classes 3/4 – 5 (Age 8-10): „The Giant’s Treasure“ a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth© Based on the classic story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, Jack is on tour once more to entertain audiences young and old. “The Giant’s Treasure” is a lively and simple musical to enchant and bewitch young audiences. Jack and his mother are very poor. All they own is a cow called Blossom. One day the mother asks Jack to take Blossom to market to get some money. Sadly Jack agrees. On the way to market he meets an old woman who is going to the market to buy a cow. What luck! The old lady tells Jack that she will buy the cow and give him something that will answer his heart’s desire. She gives Jack some magic beans. Jack is not convinced that taking the beans is a good idea; but before he has a chance to say no the old lady has disappeared. He throws the beans away and a tall beanstalk grows right up into the sky. Feeling brave; Jack climbs to the top of the beanstalk and there he meets a Princess and a Giant. The Giant has three treasures. A goose that lays golden eggs, a harp that sings by itself and a bag of gold that is never empty. Unfortunately the Giant comes home early, “Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English man”. Can Jack escape from The Giant? Will the Princess help him? Jack climbs down the beanstalk, but will the Giant follow him? „The Giant’s Treasure“ is a brilliant way to motivate the children at an early stage of their English learning; to encourage an active use of the language and to help boost their confidence.
Photos from Season 2020-21 Ashleigh Domblides and Harrison Cornell