Shows & Dates

Season/School Year 2018 -19

Classes 10-13 including EF-Q2 (Age 15-20+) GUEST PLAYS:
“Twelfth Night ” by William Shakespeare and Kelly Griffiths ©
A shipwreck, duels, mischievous servants, bawdy humour and, of course, the odd bit of gender swapping-Twelfth Night or ‘What You Will’ is one of Shakespeare’s most exciting comedies. There is also a huge puzzle to solve-who is who?? The play centres around the twins Viola and Sebastian, who are separated in a shipwreck. Viola knows she could get into a lot of trouble wondering around the foreign woodlands of Illyria in her pretty dress with her dainty gait so she disguises herself as a man and names herself Cesario. She finds herself in the presence of, the rather dashing, Duke Orsino who takes ‘Cesario’ under his wing as his right-hand-man in order to gain advise and wisdom on the fairer sex; namely, the Countess Olivia. Upon meeting Viola (still acting her socks off as a man) the Countess falls in love with ‘Cesario’. And thus the mayhem ensues-the countess’ maid, court jester and rowdy Uncle start playing their own cruel games on Olivia’s head servant; Malvolio-making him believe she is in love with him whilst Viola’s feelings for the Duke continue to blossom but, in the meantime, her poor Brother is risking life and limb to find her. PHEW! However will it all pan out?!  Help us untangle this hilarious love-octagon by immersing yourself in a full Shakespearian experience in this one hour romp. The performance will entertain, educate and unravel the rich text of Shakespeare through song, subterfuge and audience interaction. Indeed, however multi-talented our wonderful actors are, they will definitely be requiring help from your students to fully bring the play to life and we will ensure that every students speaks a line of Shakespeare and some will even have some parts to play!  So join us in our new Shakespearian extravaganza and become part of this truly amazing production.
Photos Season 2018-19 Steph Bullock and Ben Steele


Classes 7-11 (Age 13-17):
“Furious Games” by Kristi-Anne Seth” ©
NOTE: The play has been adapted for today’s world. The story deals with mental health issues and the teenage angst of the main perpetrator, John. Presented in a sensitive, and touching, manner it is hard not to have sympathy for John. The play is an important impetus for schools, parents and young people to open up communication channels about a topic that might make us uncomfortable; but it won’t go away by ignoring it. The role of guns in the play is not the main focus of the action if you should be concerned.

Furious Games is a hard-hitting theatre play. Highly topical and sometimes shocking, this realistic play puts a mirror to our faces and the picture isn’t always pretty. With a long record of school shootings in the USA and beyond, we have to ask ourselves how did it come to this. Who’s to blame? – computer games, films, parents, society or the education system? The play serves as a perfect opportunity to start discussions in the classroom, to reflect, learn and listen to each other. Written and performed in intermediate English this theatre play is extremely suitable for a wide range of different age groups. Audiences can only profit from this theatre experience.
Photos Season 2018-19 Steph Bullock and Ben Steele


Elementary Level
Classes 5 – 7 (Age 10-13):
“The Banana Gang” a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
The Banana Gang is a gangster musical with a twist. Set in the 1920’s the play takes us on an adventurous trip into the world of criminals and detectives. Our hero is Dick Pacey and together we follow the trail of the evil gangster ‘The Boss’, who is known for stealing and terrorizing the whole town. When the town’s mobile telephones go missing many questions arise and Dick sets out on a mission to find the answers: Is ‘The Boss’ dealing in mobile phones? What is the meaning of the smoking banana? Who is Bob? Will Dick succeed in solving these mysteries? Watch carefully and find out. This exciting play directly involves the audience in the action to create a fun, motivating and educational experience. With a mixture of clear language,  humour, comic timing and music this highly visual theatre is a must for young learners of English.
Photos Season 2018-19 Steph Bullock and Ben Steele


Primary School & Elementary level
Classes 3/4 – 5 (Age 8-10):
The Dog’s Bone”- a musical by Kristi-Anne Seth ©
“The Dog’s Bone” is an adventure in very simple English for school children with a small grasp of the language. In this hilarious play we meet Chicko, the chicken, Monkey, Billy, the dog, Sally, the little girl and Croc, the crocodile, as they try to find out who has taken Billy’s bone. Imagination and fantasy combine to inspire the children in their language learning. Written in simple English the play uses theatre techniques that directly involve the audience in the show. Audience participation plays an important role here. The play is a great way encourage the children’s language development in a fun and humorous way. Sit back and be entertained.
Photos Season 2018-19 Steph Bullock and Ben Steele