Theatre Performances

Our theatre plays are all written and performed in English and specially designed for each particular target group, in terms of themes and language level. The selected topics deal with everyday situations of teenage life today, as well as fantasy stories.

Written in accessible English, the students will experience a feeling of success in their understanding based on their previous foreign language development. With a series of “Aha experiences” the students learn with ease and fun, that foreign language acquisition is not only limited to the classroom, but can be a practical and living tool for everyday life.

Furthermore the students get the possibility to have contact with theatre as a cultural medium, which is more often their first meeting, in addition to their better known worlds of new media such as computers, film, etc.

The experience is enhanced by direct contact to others, foreign culture and language, because our productions are made and offered exclusively by professionally trained native (native like proficiency) English speaking actors.

The aim is to give the children the opportunity to experience theatre, the other culture, and the English language in everyday situations, and to participate in an artistic-creative, educational and fun happening, whilst at the same time boosting their self-confidence and foreign language knowledge.

Direct communication between the actors and the children plays a key role here. The performances offer an excellent possibility to bring a large number of children in direct contact with the original English language. Our professionally experienced, native English-speaking actors bring our performances directly from the theatre stage into your school.

The open structure of our meeting also allows your students to come into direct contact with our actors after the performances. Our optional podium discussions offered after the performances, take place in English of course and give audiences a chance to ask questions about the play, the theatre, England, working in theatre or the actors … – the children expand their active linguistic abilities and can satisfy their curiosity. Furthermore these discussions are often catalysts for further debates and activities in the classroom.

Each school recieves one complimentary copy of the theatre script with their booking. In the case of guest plays this depends on copyright.

Guest Plays/Adaptations

We are also excited  to introduce a selection of works from native English guest writers into our repetoire; which includes adaptations by our in-house writer Kelly Griffiths. Our aim is to bring contemporay and topical plays to our audiences; as well as adaptations of classics for today's audiences.