What is the organisation on the performance/Workshop day?

LIVE SHOWS:                   
– arrival time and setting up the show: 60 minutes before show start time
– Performance running time: 45-60 +/- minutes
– Question and Answer session: maximum 30 minutes
–  Packing Up/Leaving: 30-45 minutes


LIVE WORKSHOPS             
– arrival time before the workshop begins: +/-45 minutes
– workshop running time: 3 hours + breaks: 2 x 15 minutes
– Packing Up/Leaving: 30 minutes


– basically the ONLINE shows are organised similarly to the live versions. Your school decides when you would like to have the show(s) aired and we arrange the time frame for your pupils to have access to the show(s).
– You receive your own access details including a password to the restricted area to view.
– Where possible, after the show, a question and answer session with members of The Phoenix Team can be arranged. This is a special offer from us to you at no extra cost and is only possible if there is time and availability on the day.