What does a minimum booking mean?

LIVE SHOWS:  A minimum booking means that there is a basic fixed price for a LIVE performance; which permits a maximum of 120 people into the show.

If there are more than 120 audience members attending a show each person pays for a ticket. If there are less than 120 people attending a show usually the minimum payment rule applies. If you have less than 120 pupils, but still want a show(s) contact us and we will try to find a solution together. Any special arrangements are made at the organizers discretion.

In the case of audiences of more than 120 people we strongly advise to register 5% less than you actually expect to attend to allow for absentees due to sickness, etc. The audience will be counted as they enter the auditorium and any extras will be charged the ticket price of the booking. If there are less people attending you will be recompensed with the ticket money up to 5% of the booking sum and as long as it is not less than the fixed minimum booking price.

For details of prices please contact our office and we will send you all the booking information including prices, possible performance dates, details of the shows in our current repertoire and the booking form.


ONLINE SHOWS: A minimum of 28 people per ONLINE show is necessary for booking. There is really no limit to how many people can view a show. Contact today to discuss matters.