How many people can take part in a theatre performance/workshop?

LIVE SHOWS: The amount of people who can attend a performance is rather determined by the performance venue than by the theatre. We are equipped with head-set microphones to ensure that we are audible in all sized venues, so for us the more the merrier. If however, the performance space restricts audience numbers we can discuss the option of performing a show(s) several times to accommodate this problem. The important issue is communicate with each other to find a solution together.


LIVE WORKSHOPS: Participants are restricted to 15-30 people per workshop. If however, you have more than 30 people who wish to attend please let us know and we can see what possibilities there are.


ONLINE SHOWS: A minimum of 28 people per ONLINE show is necessary for booking. There is really no limit to how many people can view a show. Contact today to discuss matters.