After the most challenging year in our theatre’s history, we would be very grateful for your support to help us recover.

If you love theatre, and particularly native English theatre, then perhaps you would like to support us so that we can get back on our feet and continue to produce our wonderful educational and entertaining theatre for schools. After all, our children are the future and by investing in them we invest in a better world for everyone. Sounds cheesy perhaps, but nevertheless it’s true.

As a small, independent, self-financing theatre we generate all our income from ticket sales. Unfortunately; Covid-19 put a spanner in the works and since March 2020 we have been hoping and waiting that matters would improve enough to allow us to visit schools to perform live.

In this time we have pulled together as a team. We adapted some of our shows and put them online to continue to provide online education and entertainment to pupils during the pandemic and we are happy to have bought some light relief to some pupils in an otherwise difficult situation. Unfortunately, although matters look better at the moment (for how long we don’t know); our actors had to return to the UK and we couldn’t perform any more live shows.

Not to moan too loudly and nor to underplay the catastrophic losses that the theatre has suffered; we cannot emphasize enough the real struggle that we have been through and, for all intents and purposes, are still going through. But like all artists the old motto rings true “The show must go on” and we tentatively prepare for a new season, full of hope

What we need now is your help to secure our future.  Any amount, large or small, will be hugely appreciated.

Please feel free to donate directly to the theatre account or to our GoFundMe page.

Kristi-Anne Seth  (The Phoenix Theatre)

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